GUIDING principles


Integrity, Devotion, Communication, Service, Dedication.


We will make every effort to work on your loan and ensure it gets processed in a timely manner. Our business is important to us and your trust in our work is a driving factor to make you a priority. We are truly devoted to making this the best home buying experience.


When we say something or promise, we are going to work hard to honor what we say.  A home purchase is one of the most important financial transactions of your life. Please know that you are working with people who take you and our work seriously.


Nothing is more frustrating and stressful than trying to get information on your loan and not knowing where it is. We know this and recognize it by having telephone, text and email communications available on our cell phone and computers. We will answer you in some form, in a timely manner and on the hours that are most convenient for you.


We want you to have the best experience that we can offer. You are not just our clients, you are part of our Blue Star family! The best compliment we can receive is great feedback and a referral to a family member or friend. This is the backbone of what makes our business successful.


Through this business we take care of our families and know that we want to take care of yours as well. You are a priority, the loan is a priority and honoring our commitment to you is a priority. We will see you through the whole process and after its done, still be available to answer questions or concerns.