Homes for heroes

We pay for appraisal, credit report, verification of employment, pest inspection (VA), and lock extension fees.

A message to the community heroes from Blue Star Lending:

At Blue Star Lending we are committed to supporting you in your role as our countries safety, security, and stability personnel. We have noticed a trend where your hard work and sacrifice in serving our nation goes on with little or poor recognition. At Bluestar Lending, we hope to be a part of the process that supports and recognizes our community heroes. That is why, each time we do a transaction, we will commit to paying for your appraisal (cost to be refunded at loan closing). On top of that, our service and money saving options will be top notch in making sure we provide you peace of mind. We know you have a great deal on your mind. your home and home loan, in working with us, will not be one of those things. Thank you to all our First Responders, Military, and Teachers.

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